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What I particularly like about Connys courses is the competent and sunny way she teaches and guides. Conny not only keeps an eye on the group and it's dynamics, but also on each individual. There is no "frontal teaching"; here, but constant accompaniment to movements and mindfulness. Connys instructions are very graphic and that makes it much easier to do exercises correctly and to avoid incorrect movements or loads. This is very important and helpful for me with a back that is no longer completely intact. In addition, her open nature and creativity makes the courses fun and enjoyable :)


Conny teaches with so much energy and joy. The courses are varied and challenging, but never overwhelming. As a   participant, you benefit from her enormous expertise and leave the course motivated and with a good feeling.


The movements in Connys course are unusually complex and the music is just what I like: rhythmic world music, mainly from Africa. Most importantly, the course has helped me release tension in my neck and shoulders more effectively than other courses before. Conny also has a great way of making everyone feel welcome and included. I can 100% recommend Rhythm & Move


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