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Our body is a masterpiece!  Through my work I want to share my love and gratitude for ourselves and all organisms that surround us. 

Through my diverse training, further education and further training (including dance and sports pedagogy as well as sports therapy) I can enrich my lessons with well-founded specialist knowledge and support the participants in connecting what is cognitively understood with their personal body awareness/intuition.


Through conscious movement we learn to understand the language of our body and can, step by step, come into closer, honest contact with ourselves and the outside world.


In my classes I share what I have experienced in my own practice of various dance and body techniques over many years. 

My fascination for different concepts of movement flows into my teaching. I would like to explore how these interact and how they can support us in our quality of movement. For me, the focus is on the individual body with its individual possibilities.

My approach is to find it through the path of physical experience from the outside in.

My classes are mindful, anatomically precise and dynamic.


I want to inspire you to keep moving and in the flow, like life itself.



I began my professional dance training at a high school with an integrated ballet department. I start my studies with a focus on modern dance / dance theaterat the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and completed the diploma coursewith a focus on contemporary dance in 2015 at the Salzburg Experimental Academy ofdance off


Since then I have been working in various projects as a freelance dancer, am a member of the international Yugsamas Movement Collective and have been working with the since 2013Dancer and choreographer Sebastian Zuber at his interdisciplinary theater and danceproductions.


Since 2009 I have been teaching groups of children, young people and adults with great enthusiasm.


It is important to me that the children experience many different dance impulses and styles of music, learn a basis on which they can draw in dance, but also in their everyday life,can fall back on.


“My goal is to see beaming faces and to support the group individually. For me, dance is like a bridge between all people.”

Chantal Celine

I'm Chantal Celine and I teach dance and yoga. My understanding of the body and skills are based, among other things, on my dancing experience in Ballet and
contemporary dance and my training as a yoga teacher.

My lessons are characterised by harmony and mindfulness. To experience a
safe space in which you can experience, discover and paint without inhibition,
I see it as the most important basis for working with your own body.

I have actually experienced dance and yoga shaping my personality and I would like to I support my students' joy in movement, their imagination and also their creativity, because movement as a means of expression accompanies us throughout our lives.

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I navigate into this existence with a vivid curiosity for the mind and the body. I work with words and with movement, exploring the inner and the outer world. 


Yoga means union, and in my Yoga classes we mediate between polarities (body and mind, inside and outside, earth and sky, doing and being, inhaling and exhaling). 

I will help you to open windows in your frame to have new visions with your mind. 

Expect a poetic, refined and therapeutic Yoga practice where we play with imagination and we explore the geometry and architecture of the human body to learn to fit ourselves and hence to fit into the world.


The material I teach comes from years of exploration of embodiment practices, contemporary dance and meditation. My classes are particularly informed by Katonah Yoga which merges Hatha Yoga with principles of Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


After a successful career as a ballet and stage dancer, I specialized in personal training and nutritional advice. Sport and health have always been my great passion and I am an expert in my field. I work with young and old and support my course participants with passion and competence in order to achieve their individual goals.


I love the body and everything we can create with it, everyone has a different focus, a different starting point, different challenges, my job is to pick you up exactly where it's right for you  and to say goodbye to you sweaty, happy faces.

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I'm Lilly, a yoga teacher, nutrition coach and a passionate runner and dancer.

Throughout my psychology studies, I focused on the area of ​​personalised and holistic health prevention. I try to convey this in my classes and beyond. Combining my diverse interests, I want to share my passion and offer strategies to promote overall health and well-being.

I teach various styles of yoga, from calming, balancing Yin flows to energising, strength-building Vinyasa flows.


With a preventive, personalised and holistic approach, I want to accompany people in the experience that brings body and mind together, promoting quality of life and well-being little by little.


Hi I am Katherine. I grew up in Hong Kong and have Scottish-Chinese roots.


Trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance, I always felt connected to dance from a young age and was curious to try other styles of movement and expression. In the process, yoga became an influential and consistent practice in my life. Through yoga I experienced a development of my dance expression and a positive influence on my mental health.
To deepen my practice, I completed my multi-style yoga teacher training at the Living Yoga School in Rishikesh, India.

My aim is to highlight the importance of body awareness by combining my knowledge of yoga and dance to achieve goals with perseverance and diligence.

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Hi, I am Milli. I played competitive volleyball for 12 years. During this time I developed a very intense relationship with my body. Through my regular exercise I got to know it and its limits better and better. 


My deep and regular mindfulness practice helps me to be more in alignment with my body. In doing so, I try to embrace an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis: Because my body is a gift and its functions cannot be taken for granted.  


During my yoga training in Guatemala, I experienced a profound transformation in body, mind and spirit. Within my yoga and meditation courses I would like to support people on their way to a life with more connection to themselves, other people and living beings.


Hi, I am Erica and I teach yoga.


I found my way to yoga over 10 years ago and even though I didn’t have a consistent practice during most of that time I sooner or later came back to the mat.

To me it became a place to reconnect with myself, my body and my breath.


With my classes I want to give people space to explore their own bodies and coming back to themselves though movement and breath.

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I have always danced, at the age of eleven I began my training as a ballet dancer in my hometown of Buenos Aires (Argentina). My profession as a dancer took me through different countries until I landed in Berlin in 2010. When I became a mother, I took a break from dancing, and for the last two years I've been in a phase where I want to reconnect with my body and my "dancing self". This journey of discovery began with a dance education, practicing Biodanza and becoming a Pilates trainer.

I started my Pilates practice in 2007, I find Pilates to be a great method for body and mind. I particularly like the fact that strength and mobility can be promoted at the same time through simple exercises that are accessible to everyone. Pilates ensures a healthy posture and, through concentrated and controlled work, focuses attention on the body and the here and now. I try to work with beautiful and efficient movement sequences that feel good in my classes. I hope to be able to share my enthusiasm for exercise and Pilates with you too.


I am an Australian yoga/meditation facilitator, dancer, musician and writer, passionate about supporting and inspiring practitioners through the intelligent, functional and creative exploration of movement, supported by breath work, meditation, mindfulness, mantra, poetry, philosophy and self-development.


I have studied and taught world-wide earning over 400 hours
of qualifications with teachers such as Duncan Peak, Melanie McLaughlin, Persia Juliet and more.

My class/workshops/event experiences are carefully and uniquely curated based on individual/project/company needs, but are always an invitation to tune deep into the power within, cultivating a deep awareness and intuition.

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I am a free-spirited Swedish-American, Hawaii-born, and Berlin-based artist of life.

Growing up in USA was like a rollercoaster adventure with my eccentric family, & a series of intense life events in adolescence ushered me into a long path of seeking a way out of darkness & depression. After some years, I found refuge in Yoga & meditation. The calm, strength & awareness that yoga empowered me with later paved the way for my call to help others on their journey of acceptance & well-being.


I completed my first yoga teacher training for Hatha Vinyasa in 2017  & I have since had the privilege to teach full-time & complete several additional trainings with amazing teachers Noah Maze and Rocky Heron. My yoga classes are sweet & spicy; a mix of strength, softness, focus & playfulness. I combine traditional yoga asanas (poses) & creative movement with detailed alignment cuing & philosophical teachings.


The subtle meditative practices of restorative yoga & sound healing came into my life mid-pandemic. At first it was just for me - I needed a different kind of soft yet powerful practice- one that would nourish & replenish my body & mind in a soothing way. The effects were so beautiful & profound, I lept eagerly at the opportunity to share these sacred tools & practices.


I am convinced that all of our lives could be enriched if we just have the courage to take the first step towards facing ourselves, whether in silence, stillness, sound, movement or


Warmly welcome exactly as you are.


As a choreographer, dancer, pilates & yoga teacher my interest in the body is diverse and never-ending. Via numerous creative movements and exercises my knowledge expanded throughout the years. Moving, exercising, getting in touch again and again with my own body, is part of my daily practice. Following my excitement of living with the body, instead of against, I started to teach, to pass on my own passion.

My training includes West-African dance, Contemporary dance, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation. In general my teaching follows the motto a little goes a long way. Every exercise will be explained in great detail and thought with precision. We start small and slowly build up to more advanced exercises. This will enable you to continue practicing on your own thoroughly and long lasting.

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Hi I am Denise.

I was born in Italy, where i started studying dance from a young age.
I  worked as a dancer in Italy and Germany having the opportunity to perform in large theatres. It is in this period that I approached the practice of pilates until I become a certified trainer.


Today I devote myself completely to the teaching of dance and pilates. 
Moved by a deep passion for Body Movement.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone can benefit to the best of their abilities from physical activity, both for body and mind, promoting clients' overall well-being.


I am interdisciplinary artist, producer and teacher from Tijuana, Mexico, with a background in dance that includes classical ballet, jazz, contemporary and urban styles.


I enjoy merging my passions to create sessions that connect with purposeful movement and mindfulness. My motivation lies on the powerful connection between body and mind and how we can allow this organic link to transform ourselves and the habitat we are in. I believe in the importance of nurturing this connection from a young age and throughout all the stages of life.


I received my  BFA in Visual Arts at Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) and a Certificate in Entertainment Management from San Diego State University (USA). I had my first introduction to Buddhist teachings in Casa Dakini (founded by Venerable Lama Lhanang Rinpoche) on 2017 and on 2019 I was part of the International Contemporary Dance Program NOD (Italy). Currently I’ve been collaborating as a creator and producer in projects with Uferstudios, Feld Theater, Universität der Künste Berlin, Sophiensæle, among others.

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I have always had a very special connection to music.
During my self-discovery journey in Asia, I attended numerous sound healings and found out how powerful the vibrations of the sounds can be. I wanted to learn more about what was happening to my body and mind as well learn how to
share this experiences with others. So I traveled to India, did a Soundhealing Teacher Training and found my passion.

Since my return I have been sharing these in the form of Soundhealings, individual sound therapy sessions and Soundhealing workshops.
In my classes, participants learn how to effortlessly manage stress,
reduce fears and bring body, mind and soul into balance.


The bridge between conscious and subconscious is my favorite place, where body and mind meet and flow is created. I first experienced this flow state 20 years ago in lucid dreaming and then found it in dancing, in training and on stage, in being with other people, in nature and when practicing the Feldenkrais Method.

In addition to the Feldenkrais Method, I studied contemporary stage dance and completed further training in dance pedagogy and choreography. ​


I like to share the knowledge I have gained from physical experience in my classes and I am happy when I can inspire other people with it.

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Hi, I am Alexa and I love teaching yoga. My classes combine Yoga Flow, Jivamukti and Somatic Experiences with good music to keep you in The Flow. 

Teaching yoga for women is my passion, so I also host Women Circles and Yoga for Mothers events in the studio.


I teach in English, Russian and Ukrainian.


My name is Mariia Arutiunian but my family and friends call me Masha.

I’m a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, mama, soon to be a birth doula, movement enthusiast and aerial yoga lover.

My classes are a special place for expecting and newborn parents. It’s a big honor for me to be a little part of this life-changing journey.
I teach you how to listen to your body, connect to your baby(inside and out), how to become a confident parent and to bring benefits of yoga into your daily parent life.

No matter which birth your body and baby need I’ll do my best to help you go through this path. «You know your body better than anyone else in the world. You know your baby better than anyone else in the world»

See you both on the mat!»

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Our body is our home and our opportunity to experience.

Through a conscious and mindful approach, we can find more well-being, relaxation and health for ourselves. This can only succeed in the here and now, we need attention for the moment.


As an actress & dance and performance artist, I have practiced various dance forms (e.g. modern, contemporary, expressive dance, butoh) as well as body awareness techniques (e.g. Feldenkrais, yoga, Alexander technique, Thai Chi) and bodywork. I created courses and projects and taught those in my own personal style. I am also trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).


As an alternative practitioner, I have been successfully running my practice for classical homeopathy and movement therapy for 12 years now (


It comes down to healing the body with the soul and the soul through the body. - Oscar Wilde


My Name is Jan and I teach Qigong. I am an educator, carpenter and Qi-Gong teacher. I first came into contact with qigong when I was a teenager. A good decade later I rediscovered it and practice it regularly since then. I started my teacher training in 2018 and completed it in 2022.

Qigong accompanies me everywhere. It is a form of movement and an inner state. It helps me to stay mentally and physically agile and to creates clarity. It keeps me healthy, relaxed and uplifted.
I look forward to introduce you to Qigong

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